Generate Business Leads and branding with Zero-Budget Content Marketing!

SEO landscapes are evolving. And you need expert hands to handle your online marketing campaigns. Read on this awesome guide on how to plan content marketing that produces great results.

There’s no denying in the fact that effective content marketing can produce wonderful results. It helps your business established as an inspiring brand, and may also generate quality website traffic and business leads.

And you know the greatest thing! It hardly costs you a penny to create that result-oriented and impact content marketing. Yes you read it right! You can start content marketing straight away with a zero budget and see the results flowing in. Follow these easy steps provided by a reputed SEO agency Singapore and get going!

Pick Your Platform

Assuming you have your business website, creating a blog page is the foremost step. This is where you’re going to publish content to promote you brand values and products/services. Remember there are plenty of content forms to reach to your target audience. It could be blogs and articles, images & info-graphics, or videos & Vlogs. So first decide which form of content would you deploy, and then select the platform accordingly. For example, LinkedIn, Quora and WordPress are best for blogging, while YouTube and Vimeo would be ideal platforms to share video content.

Create Quality Content

Your success revolves around this step. Whether it’s a blog or video, make sure you create something that add value to its users. Do research to find the most engaging and useful topics, and then create meaning content that people would love to read and share. If you want free stock image to add visual elements, some popular inventory websites include Unsplash,, and Pixabay.

For artworks, image editing, and infographics for you blogs and social media, you can use or Canva. Many of the renowned SEO agencies Singapore use these online tools to improve their online marketing efforts.

Content Promotion or Content Marketing

Now you’ve spent so much of time and energy to create this attractive and useful content, the next step is to promote it so your targeted audience can see it. For this, you can-

Share it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Post as a pin on Pinterest

Join niche conversation and share you content link (don’t do spamming though)

Use relevant hashtags to broaden the reach

Capture Leads Strategically

Your great content and strategic promotion will surely bring you a flow of website traffic. This when you need to plan on how to capture the leads. You can use call for action content, to lead your visitors to subscribe to your blog and newsletter. Besides, you can promote your products and services across your content, of course in a subtle manner.

Analyze the results and prepare further strategies

Now the result is right in front of you. Find out the scope of improvement, and create the strategies accordingly. Some of the ways to strengthen you content marketing are-

  • Repurpose the content – updated and republishing the old content. Also, leverage on your best performing articles/blog.
  • Encourage user-generated content- Ask your audience to share their experience, and then publish it in a blog post.
  • Start accepting Guest blog.

It surely is hard, but not impossible. Be determined and success would find you for sure. For fast and more business-specific results, you should hire a reliable SEO company in Singapore like OOM.

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